© Isadora Kosofsky

Isadora Kosofsky is an observer. She watches, listens and photographs too. Isadora trusts that when she is drawn to document a subject, it is because the process can answer a question which she holds. Mostly, she shadows marginalised groups who face social issues in America. Almost always, her work deals with “whether love and loss is a double-sided coin.”

Her work is not bound by time; she never closes a photo essay unless the person asks to stop being photographed. Her disposition is to get close; as her intimate images of lovemaking and bathing and slumber will show.

Her most recent project ‘Vinny and David’ started in 2012 when she met 13-year-old Vinny who was in a juvenile detention centre for stabbing his mother’s assailant. She felt strongly that to tell Vinny’s story as an incarcerated youth, she would also have to document his family’s life to demonstrate that “prison walls are permeable”. Well, Isadora knocked on his family home’s door for about a year until Vinny’s brother David let her in. She continues to photograph them to this day.

Before beginning her previous photo essay ‘The Three Senior Love Triangle’, she spent three weeks just watching her subjects in a Los Angeles retirement home before even approaching them. It was the feeling of separation from the couple that she observed in 81-year-old Jeanie that struck home. She had to tell their story.

Isadora’s sensitivity paired with her relentless dedication creates compelling portrayals of love and loss in America. Isadora is 24.