Photography has been through some pretty massive changes in recent years.

The digital revolution has transformed visual storytelling, put high quality creative tools within reach of almost everyone, and allowed the results to be spun around the world with a couple of clicks.

So it’s hardly surprising that interest in images – both still and moving – has exploded. Literally billions of shots are put up every day on social media and, as World Press Photo MD Lars Boering said in our recent interview, you can’t move without tripping over another photo exhibition, festival or competition.

But it’s not all good news.

If you’re a photographer or videographer who wants to monetise your work (or make a buck, as it used to be known), times are tough.

Traditional income streams are drying up and the old agency model for representation is dying fast, leaving a new generation of lone wolves to fend for themselves in the face of decreasing budgets and fierce competition.

It’s time for a new way of engaging with the photographic industry. It’s time to combine forces, rather than struggle on alone. It’s time for Image Republiq.


The essence of our idea is to be the hub or focal point for all elements of the business – from professional photographers to photo enthusiasts, from editors to educators and their students, and from fixers to festival organisers.

The best online magazine in town will keep you right up to date with all the news that matters in the world of visual storytelling, and also give you the chance to share your own stories.

While our multi-level, integrated network (to be launched in 2018) will offer a unique, affordable opportunity to show work, to see work, to sell work, to find work and to commission work. And, not least, to share knowledge and generate collective power.

It all starts right now. So we invite you to register your interest below, to make sure you’re first to know about everything that’s going on in the Republiq.

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