© Amy Toensing

The taboos of widowhood

Widowhood implies more than losing your life partner. Property rights, the right to remarry, and the rights of your children are all dependent on national laws. But, what’s more, cultural taboos also heavily dictate opportunities for widows. In her project ‘Widowhood’, independent photojournalist Amy Toensing

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© The Verbatim Agency

Reinventing the photo agency

As the head of Getty Images Reportage, Aidan Sullivan was more aware than most of the changes that the photo industry has been going through and the challenges it faces. But unlike some, who just complain about the situation, he and his colleagues actually did something about it. Setting up a new agency, Verbatim, with…

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© Isadora Kosofsky

Love and loss in America

Isadora Kosofsky is an observer. She watches, listens and photographs too. Isadora trusts that when she is drawn to document a subject, it is because the process can answer a question which she holds. Mostly, she shadows marginalised groups who face social issues in America. Almost always, her work deals with “whether love and loss…

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© Michael Nichols / National Geographic Creative

A talk on the wild side

One of the world’s great nature photographers and environmental campaigners looks back on an extraordinary career and ahead to the future. Nick’s work has taken him from the jungles of Central Africa to the forests of California, resulting in a wealth of extraordinary images and a tangible contribution to the preservation of the planet.

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© Meridith Kohut / The New York Times

‘I think there’s more there’

Sometimes, one sentence is all it takes. In 2016, The New York Times International Picture Editor David Furst called Venezuela-based photojournalist Meridith Kohut to utter journalists’ most cherished instinct: “I think there’s more there.” Kohut’s coverage of Venezuela – which surfaced several unreported stories – went on to win the 2016 George Polk Journalism Award,…

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Leading through challenging times

When Lars Boering became Managing Director of World Press Photo in 2015, the organisation was at something of a crossroads. Its annual Photo Contest continued to be one of the most high profile and sought after awards schemes in the business. But other areas of activity were receiving less attention, both internally and externally. And,…

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© Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Truth and consequences

Paula Bronstein’s monograph ‘Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear’ shows a side of war which doesn’t make the news – everyday life. In the 2016 book, the cloak of politics is lifted and the benefits of her unique female access come to the fore. We find ourselves in a hospital room with a woman who delivers…

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